Cortijos, haciendas y lagares de Andalucía.
Icono Cortijos, Hacidendas y Lagares de Andalucía


The database of wineries, estates and farmhouses (Cortijos, Haciendas y Lagares) of Andalusia is an information product which offers to investigators, institutions and society as a whole the inventory-study initiated in 1990 and still in development by the Dirección General de Arquitectura y Vivienda of the Consejería de Obras Públicas y Transportes (Directorate of Housing and Architecture, Department of Transport and Public Works, Andalusian Government).

In order to promote the knowledge about the Andalusian traditional architecture related to agricultural processing and production activities 791 records have already been collected from the provinces of Almería, Córdoba, Cádiz, Málaga y Granada. The coalescence of the records corresponding the province of Sevilla (which inventory is already concluded) and the accomplishment of the inventory of Huelva and Jaén are pending.

The application offers both simple and advanced searching modes, through a straightforward interface and a normalized lexicon (the Tesauro del Patrimonio Histórico Andaluz / Andalusian Heritage Thesaurus), delivering query results in PDF format.

The digitalization of this inventory, and the consequent development of the information product, are the result of a collaboration agreement signed between the Dirección General de Arquitectura y Vivienda (Directorate of Housing and Architecture) and the Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico of the Consejería de Cultura (Andalusian Heritage Institute of the Department of Culture) aimed at the transference and exchange of information about Cultural Heritage.

For more information about architecture and production activities you can consult the Heritage Buildings Database (BDI) including also the Inventory of Andalusian Popular Architecture that can be accesed through the IAPH Web portal.

[The information contained in the referred database has an indicative value only, and lacks of legal effect]

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