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Intagible Cultural Heritage

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Intangible Cultural Heritage of Andalusia

The database of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Andalusia is a web application for consulting the System of Information and Management of Andalusian Cultural Goods (MOSAIC). It is an information product designed to reach a wide audience: intangible heritage stakeholders, researchers, companies (creative and cultural industries), government and citizenship. This product allows a general access on intangible heritage of Andalusia. The database of Intangible Heritage of Andalusia has been developed in collaboration with the Agency for Cultural Institutions of the Andalusian Government.

Currently the information source used in this product is the Atlas of Intangible Heritage of Andalusia with a total of 1753 registered entities. It is possible to consult information about the eight Andalusian provinces and their municipalities. These have been grouped during the registration process in 62 regions or supra-municipal entities. Currently only could be consulted the records of certain regions but will be added progressively other areas of Andalusia.

Assets are grouped into four broad areas or thematic categories: Festive Rituals, Crafts and knowledge, modes of expression; Food and culinary systems. However, they are not watertight compartments but a holistic and inclusive vision of cultural heritage makes records from different areas are interlinked. In turn, activities and events are recorded related to the spaces and objects that are inherent, whether immovable or movable.

The register of Atlas of Intangible Heritage is extensive and open. In each territory are documented some representations of the dominant typologies selected attending to the identity value thereof and taking into account the valuation given to them by the fellow citizens and its representation level.

This prior selection will always be open to participatory incorporation of new records, taking into account the groups involved and the social partners as recorders and identifiers of their intangible heritage in accordance with the The Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO, Paris, 2003). To do this in the coming months the IAPH will launch the Network of Informants and Registrars of Intangible Heritage of Andalusia. Through it, any citizen may send us any information deemed necessary to update or enhance the currently visible records in the system or add new ones.

The IAPH has enjoyed the cooperation of several institutions to perform the Atlas of Intangible Heritage: the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco, The Andalusian Studies Center, the Institute of Spanish Cultural Heritage, the General Secretariat of Culture, the Andalusian Rural Development Groups, the Andalusian universities, and fundamentally, informants and protagonists of identified intangible heritage.

The Database will incorporate in the future the ethnological interest activities from the Cataloging Records of the General Secretariat of Cultural Heritage and from the Provincial Offices of Education, Culture and Sports. These can be found at http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/web/areas/bbcc/catalogo

[All data available in the database of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Andalusia are for information purposes only]

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