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Andalusian Baroque Movable Heritage


Sevilla. San Francisco de Asís. Anónimo sevillano, 1701-1800.

Patrimonio Mueble barroco de Andalucía

Lights and shadows, colours and textures in paintings; expression and movement in sculpture; delicacy and harmony in the gold and silver works; decorative and architecture exuberance in the making of altarpieces, and skill in the fabrics embroidery, are all features that characterize the Andalusian Baroque art.

The Baroque Movable Heritage of Andalusia is a cultural product that intends to get researchers and citizens closer and promote the 17th-18th century heritage wealth of Andalusia. In order to do so there is a Presentation section where you can surf the different heritage categories, a consultation application with standard and advanced searches and three modules with the information sources, links to other web pages and bibliography on Baroque art in Andalusia. In order to carry it out, different information sources have been used. They range from catalogues and inventories to a long bibliography of that period on the movable heritage. Such sources have been included in the system as well as basic information on over 25,000 movable entities. This will be updated in different phases. Users can have access to more detailed information on all these movables, both at a protection and documentation level, through the Information Services of the Documentation Centre (Services section). The Information Service of the Andalusian Cultural Goods and Assets has an electronic application form.
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