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Applicant's personal data will be included in a IAPH's users file and will be treated in a confidential way as Organic Law 15/1999 sets, of personal character Data Protection. If you wish to make use of the access, rectification, cancellation and oposition rights you can go to Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico, placed in Isla de La Cartuja, Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n, 41092- SEVILLA.

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The images about our heritage assets are an essential source of information for their protection, management, research and spreading.

The graphic representation of the cultural heritage gives an added value to the textual information, thus becoming itself a way of documenting its value.


The graphic documentation of the cultural heritage in the IAPH

One of the functions of the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute is to fully documentate our cultural heritage using graphic techniques for it.  

Depending the kind of heritage to document  –immovable, movable, archaeological, immaterial, landscape, industrial or documental heritage- the IAPH uses different techniques of graphic representation: photography, panoramic images, immersive videos or 3D.

In addition to the production of graphic documentation of the cultural heritage, the IAPH researches into new graphic techniques to document the heritage. The results of this innovation work are included in technical recommendations, whereby the work methods and quality parameters used by technicians who make graphic documentation are standardised.

The graphic collection produced by the IAPH is managed through its video library from a public service viewpoint, in order to make easier the access of citizens to the graphic documents about our cultural heritage by means of a service of image reproduction.  

The main spreading channel of the graphic documentation of the cultural heritage is the Bank of Images of the Andalusian Cultural Heritage. Currently, it has over 86,000 images, a number that is continuously increasing thanks to the IAPH campaigns.


Work lines

To document the Andalusian cultural heritage

  • Digitalization of analogical graphic documents
  • Production of digital images
  • Treatment of graphic documentation
To research into and innovate with regard to the graphic documentation of the cultural heritage
  • Graphic representation of the heritage entities, especially regarding their photographic representation, tree-dimensional modelling and virtual reality
  • Determining quality standards of the heritage graphic documentation
To spread by means of quality products and public services
  • Service of reproduction and treatment of graphic materials.  
  • Service of enquiry o the Bank of Images of the Andalusian Cultural Heritage
  • Technical advice service
  • Digital products for heritage spreading
  • Publications
To create collaboration and knowledge networks
  • Collaboration with public and private organizations

  • Bank of Images of the Andalusian Cultural Heritage.
  • Standards for digital graphic production.
  • Standards for digitalization of graphic, bibliographic and documental heritage.
  • Research into new graphic supports: panoramic images, 360º cubes, immersive videos, increased reality, 3D.
  • Use of metadata for the description of digital production (standard IPTC) and geo-location
  • Use and adaptation of free software for the management of the digital graphic collection.

Collage de imágenes del Fondo Gráfico del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico
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