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PH journals

Paisajes y patrimonio cultural en Andalucía. Tiempo, usos e imágenes (2 vol.)

Author: Silvia Fernández Cacho, Víctor Fernández Salinas, Elodia Hernández León, Esther López Martín, Victoria Quintero Morón, José María Rodrigo Cámara, Daniel Zarza Balluguera
Coordination: Dirección científica, Laboratorio del Paisaje del IAPH - Apoyo a la documentación gráfica: Isabel Dugo Cobacho, Laboratorio de Cartografía e Imagen Digital
Editorial coordination: Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico. Dirección: Román Fernández-Baca Casares
Edited by: JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA. Consejería de Cultura
Number: 27
D.L.: SE-4975-2010 (V. I); SE-4975-2010 (V. II)
ISBN: 978-84-9959-024-0 (V.I); 978-84-9959-025-7 (V.II)
Number of pages: 646 (2 vol.)
Price: 40 euros
Publication year: 2010


Andalusia is a very heavily anthropized territory and its landscape has been reshaped throughout centuries of history. Hundreds of generations of human beings grouped in bands, tribes, cities or states, with different technological levels and capabilities for transforming their environment, with cultural connections to other human groups reaching near and far, have lived and/or passed through this territory and exploited its resources, thereby leaving significant traces in the landscape. Coming from a cultural perspective, this project stresses the importance of landscapes' cultural value. The article calls for appropriate attention to be given to the memory of the place and time evoked by a site during the process of a territorial intervention. The writers argue that these cultural values should be taken into consideration as an active element in heritage politics and management, both as a historical legacy and a collective identity, as well as a contemporary responsibility in the configuration of quality environments and social values for future generations.

PH cuadernos 27. Paisajes y patrimonio cultural en Andalucía.
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