Landscapes and society: an analysis of the social perception of landscape through virtual ethnography


PAYSOC. "Landscapes and society: an analysis of social perception in cultural landscapes" (RTI2018-096611-B-100) is a project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Following a call for proposals launched by Spain´s National Research Agency in 2018, as part of the programme "Challenges for Society", the project was awarded 60,500 euros in funding over a four-year period.

Its main goal is to develop a methodology for analysing social perception in cultural landscapes through the use of virtual ethnography. It seeks to carry out a qualitative analysis of social perception in cultural landscapes in order to contrast non-expert knowledge with expert knowledge. To do this, a number of important landscapes have been selected from those which have been identified and classed as cultural landscapes in Andalusia without the involvement of locals. The project uses virtual ethnography as an initial means of overcoming the possible bias caused by historical studies or artistic performances and photography, which do not systematically take into account the discourse (oral and written) of the different social agents and groups involved in the process whereby heritage status is granted.

The project is led by a team with members from a number of different fields, including anthropology, art history, archaelogy, architecture, history, geography, sociology, cultural management, tourism and digital marketing. Moreover, five research centres, four Spanish and one international, are also involved, namely the University of Seville, Pablo Olavide University, Universidad Europea de Canarias and the University of Ferrara, coordinated by the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute.


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